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Healthy Teeth: A Month-by-Month Guide

Beaming with Healthy Teeth: A Month-by-Month Guide

As the new year kicks off, keeping your teeth healthy is always at the top of the health and well-being list. That’s why we’ve created this month-by-month guide to help you maintain your most radiant smile all year round. With a few small adjustments and habits in your daily routine, you are only a few months away from having a winning, white and sparkling smile!

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What to Do Each Month for a Healthy, Radiant Smile


Start off the year right:

  • Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste for two minutes twice daily.
  • Start flossing regularly to get rid of plaque and bacteria.
  • See your dentist for a checkup, especially if you haven’t been in the last six months.


Switch up your routine with:

  • Trying a new toothpaste flavor.
  • Playing a game while brushing to make sure you’re brushing all your teeth and for the full two minutes.
  • Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and help maintain your teeth’s health and shine.


Remember to take care of your tongue too:

  • Scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper or brush your tongue lightly with your toothbrush.
  • Try cutting back on sugary and acidic food and drinks.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, as they can cause poor oral health.


Connect with nature for extra protection:

  • Incorporate more natural dental products into your routine, like sea salt toothpaste and coconut oil.
  • Chew sugar free gum to trigger saliva production.
  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits to help ‘scrub’ your teeth and promote the growth of healthy bacteria.

Maintaining Healthy Teeth Month by Month: Your Guide

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to brushing and flossing. Make sure to mix it up by using different toothpastes, flosses and rinses to help keep your smile shining. Consider switching to an electric toothbrush if you haven’t already, as they are more efficient in the removal of plaque and debris. Regular dental appointments should also be booked at least once every six months. This is a great time to get a professional cleaning, check for cavities and ensure that your gums and teeth stay in great shape. Overall, aim for two minutes of brushing twice and day and floss between your teeth at least once a day to ensure a healthy smile.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Smile

It’s essential to make sure your teeth are cleaned and cared for, both from home and from the dentist. While you can always visit your dentist for more complex procedures, here are some quick tips you can use when caring for your own teeth:

  • Brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste twice daily. Replace your toothbrush every three to four months, or when bristles start to fray.
  • Floss regularly to help remove food particles and bacteria from areas that are hard to reach with your toothbrush.
  • Eat wisely by cutting back on sugary drinks and snacks to reduce tooth decay, plaque, and gum disease.
  • Schedule regular cleanings and checkups with the dentist every six months to keep your mouth healthy.
  • Quit smoking to lower your risk of gum disease, tooth loss and bad breath.

A Complete Guide for a Year of Glowing Oral Health

By following this month-by-month guide, you are sure to build up a routine that will maintain a healthy mouth and sparkling smile. With a bit of dedication and effort, you can achieve a beautiful set of glistening teeth that will last throughout the year and far beyond. Just remember, let your teeth and oral health contribute to your overall sense of well-being and happiness. Having good oral health is an integral part of your physical and mental health, so let’s all commit to smiling more in 2021! Happy brushing and flossing!

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Comments (9)

Februarys advice is good, but what about March? Did the author forget the spring cleaning tips?


Februarys tips are great, but what about the missing advice for March? Seems incomplete.


February: Whats the deal with flossing every day? Cant we skip a day? 🦷


Hey there! Consistency is key when it comes to dental hygiene. Skipping a day of flossing can lead to plaque buildup and potential gum issues. It only takes a few minutes, so why not make it a daily habit for a healthier smile? Your teeth will thank you! 😁👍


February: Is flossing really important, or just a conspiracy by dental floss companies?


Flossing is crucial for oral health, not a conspiracy. Neglecting it can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Dont fall for conspiracy theories; prioritize your dental hygiene. Your smile will thank you later.


Is flossing really necessary every day? Seems excessive. What do you guys think?


February is the month for chocolate, but dont forget to brush for healthy teeth! 🍫🦷


Totally agree! Cant enjoy that chocolate if youre dealing with toothaches. Remember to brush after indulging in those sweet treats. Your dentist will thank you!🍫🦷